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Hydraulic cylinder service Seal kits

for Cylinder Overhaul
High performance is demanded for hydraulic cylinders that are directly coupled to the digging force of
a machine and that drive an arm, boom and bucket. In recent years, hydraulic pressure in cylinders has
tended to become high, and many seal parts are used in cylinders to seal high hydraulic pressure.
Hitachi has uniquely developed a seal package that features a high durability, matching the characteristics of hydraulic systems of Hitachi products.

Roles of Cylinder Seal

1 Preventing oil leak
The cylinder seal prevents oil leakage of a cylinder. Oil leakage through a deteriorated seal may
cause various troubles.

2 Preventing impurity intrusion
The cylinder seal prevents the intrusion of dust and moisture from the outside. Intrusion of
impurities into the hydraulic line may adversely affect other hydraulic devices including pumps,
cylinders, and motors by causing scoring, abnormal wear and other problems.

3 Maintenance of pressure
The cylinder seal maintains pressure inside a cylinder. Low pressure inside a cylinder caused by a
damaged seal lowers the front speed and digging force.
When seal deterioration or oil leakage is detected, early replacement of the seal is
recommended. Be certain to use cylinder seals made of Hitachi to maintain high
machine performance when cylinder seals are replaced.

Toparts select parts seal kit comes with following types of seals.

* Seals contained in the kit differ depending on the applicable machine model.
* A cylinder hose and O-ring for pipe connection are not included in the seal kit.
* In case of any deterioration of seals that are not contained in the kit is found, please separately make a purchase of
the corresponding seals, and replace them as early as possible.

Features of Toparts Select Parts Seal Kit

Long life through high durability and resistance to pressure and heat

1 High-quality materials

The materials of high durability and resistance to pressure and heat are used for Toparts Seal Kit. Imitation seals are low in resistance
to pressure and heat, and cannot exhibit adequate performance inside cylinders of Hitachi machines.

2 Extremely high durability
Comparison test of deterioration durability of Toparts Seal Kit and imitation seal was conducted. As the result, the imitation seal
caused a large amount of oil leakage due to ruptures and cracks of the seal at an early stage. Toparts Seal Kit did not produce major
ruptures or cracks that lead to oil leakage even though seals are used for approximately 5-fold test hours compared with imitation
seals. Toparts Seal Kit features a 5-fold longer life compared with imitation seals.

What are Toparts Select Parts?
Toparts Select Parts have been developed for the purposes of supplying the high-quality parts exclusively for Hitachi
products to its customers at reasonable prices. Hitachi Select Parts are available from a versatile lineup suiting the
type and operating conditions of machines. Toparts Select Parts are sold under the warranty comparable to the Toparts
genuine parts warranty for additional protections.

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