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Komatsu introduces PC2000-11 hydraulic excavator

Similar to the PC2000-8, the PC2000-11 is equipped with selectable working modes to tailor machine performance to application requirements. The addition of the all new “Power Plus” mode, in combination with nearly 10% more available engine horsepower, a more efficient hydraulic system, and new engine-pump control logic allow for significantly improved multifunction performance, providing a productivity increase up to 12% when compared to the PC2000-8.

Air cleaner, double element dry (Inside mounted)
Two cooling fans with fan guard (Hydraulic drive, for radiator and oil cooler)
Engine, Komatsu SAA12V140E-3
Fuel pre-filters with water separators
Corrosion resistors
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Alternators, 2 x 90 amp, 24V
Batteries, 140 Ah, 4 x 12V
Starting motors, 2 x 11 kW
Working lights, 4 boom, 4 cab base, 3 fuel tank top front, 1 left front and 1 left under cab side catwalk
Auto decelerator and auto idling system
AM/FM radio
Lighted switches on instrument panel
810 mm / 32″ double grouser shoes
8 track rollers / 3 carrier rollers (each side)
Hydraulic idler cushion (HIC) with shock absorbing accumulator
Track guiding guard (Separate type)
Dustproof net for radiator and oil cooler
Pump/engine room partition cover
Power module under cover
Travel motor guard
Large damper mounted and pressurized mining shovel cab with large tinted windshield, lockable door, large twin wipers and washers, floor mats, cigarette lighter, ashtray and cup holders
Instrument panel with electronic display/monitor system (7″-TFTLCD), electrically-controlled throttle dial, electric service meter, gauges (coolant temperature, hydraulic oil temp., fuel level, PTO oil temp., engine oil temp.), truck counters, eco-gauge
Built-in top guard conforming to OPG level 2 (ISO)
Automatic air conditioners (twin)
Seat, fully adjustable air suspension with retractable seat belt
Trainer’s seat
Sun shield
Fire extinguisher
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EOLSS (Electric Open Center Load Sensing System)
4 variable displacement piston pumps (2 tandem pumps) for work equipment, travel and swing, 2 variable displacement piston pumps (1 tandem pump) for fan drive
Two axial piston motors for swing with single stage relief valve
One axial piston motor per track for travel with counterbalance valve
Four control valves (two integrated valves) for work equipment, swing and travel
Control levers for work equipment and swing with PPC system
Control levers and pedals for travel with PPC system
Oil cooler
High-pressure in-line oil filters
Drain-filters for pumps & motors
Shockless boom control
Two-mode pressure setting for boom
Planetary travel gear with axial piston motor
Travel parking brake
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Fully-automatic greasing system with 200 liter 52.8 U.S. gal.
Manual grease gun for track adjuster
Fixed emergency escape ladder
Fully hydraulic ladder
Fuel tank, 3400 liter 898 U.S. gal.
Automatic swing holding brake
Emergency engine stop switch and fuel shut-off lever
Maintenance light for night
Step light with timer
Light in machine cab
Travel alarm
Wide catwalk and large handrail
Interconnected horn and flashing light
Dual rearview mirrors
VHMS (with Orbcomm)
Arms (Backhoe)
3900 mm 12’10” arm assembly
Arms (Loading shovel)
4450 mm 14’7” arm assembly
Booms (Backhoe)
8700 mm 28’7” boom assembly
HID lamp system
Rearview monitoring system
Cab front guard
PM tune-up service connection
Track shoe, 1010 mm 40′ triple grouser
Center frame under cover
Grease refill system (Wiggins)
Fuel quick charge system (Wiggins)
Heavy-duty rock bucket
55°C / 131°F spec.
Additional filter system for poor-quality fuel
Additional pre-cleaner for engine air filter (Enginaire)
Full length track guiding guards

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